Katy’s Touro Journey – Gears, cattle grids and jelly babies

Hi folks,

So it’s been a few weeks since my last blog and I have a lot to tell!!


The first few weeks have all been about getting to know my fitness levels and getting used to my bike. The first couple of sessions took me around Cademiur via the Sware (yes I had to walk up the hill!!) I did feel like I was working like crazy but not really getting my speed up and I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. I kept reassuring myself that the fitter I get the easier things will get and the more I’ll enjoy the training sessions. My lovely Dad came out me on his mountain bike and he was charging on ahead and I really struggled to keep up with him. I ventured out a couple of times on my own and that’s when it happened…I had a bit of a light bulb moment…. GEARS

had no idea how to use my gears properly…so I read up a little on the internet and taught myself the basics of using and changing gears.. It turns out I had only been using the granny ring !! No wonder I wasn’t getting anywhere. The session after reading up about gears was a breeze !! I powered along Cademuir like a jet plane (Lol!!!) I finally felt like I had power in my legs and it was a whole lot easier.

Me and my Daddy ❤️

My sessions have been slowly increasing in time and distance, I’ve been aiming to do an hour/hour and a half each session (3 times a week) and I’ve been using the different routes to Innerleithen and back.  I have used the cycle path and the back road in different directions but I have to say I think my favourite has got to be the back road from Peebles to Kailzie, Traquair and onto Innerleithen and back again. I will occasionally fire back home via the cycle path for an easier route !!

The main thing that has made a huge difference to my biking experience so far has been… MY DAD. My dad has very kindly been given a road bike to keep me company on the training sessions and he is loving it!! Its great having the company and support, he hasn’t mentioned it yet but if my mum lets him I think I might just have company for the Tour O The Borders!!

Cattle grids scare me….must get over the fear of getting trapped!

I have added a few items to my training kit, including a windproof jacket, that made a huge difference ! I have noticed that the clothing isn’t very flattering! I have had two babies and have the belly to prove it and I do think the cycling wear definitely highlights my wobbly areas. I am hoping as time goes on and my training increases that my said wobbly bits will reduce. I have altered my diet to assist this and it is working. I feel brighter and have noticed a difference on the bathroom scales.  I have been trying to reduce my carbohydrate intake on the days I don’t train and ditching the chocolate and crisps.  I have been very lucky that my big sister Nicola has been cooking some super healthy meals to help me along the way. Have a look at her Facebook page “Nourish by Nicola” she cooks a healthy meal ready take away and enjoy.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to my husband Colin for his support. It’s really hard at times to find the time and energy to go out on the bike after a busy day but Colin has been great at encouraging me and keeping the girls happy at home.

Beautiful views wherever I ride, I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!


Anyway best get on my bike… my next challenge from Phil Mack is to climb Paddy Slacks and return home within two hours…  give me a wave or a toot if you see me out!!

Cheers for now


Enter the Touro O The Borders here

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