Touro 2024 Update

Thank you for your support!


Hi Touro People,

Here’s a somewhat overdue update on what’s happening with Tour O The Borders. We also want to thank everyone who filled in our post-event survey, wrote comments of support or contacted councillors etc. It has genuinely made a difference. 

We subsequently shared your support with Scottish Borders Council and have since then had several discussions with them, while they have also been discussing the future of the event with the relevant community council and other stakeholders.

We feel these discussions have been largely positive and they’ve led to SBC conducting a survey in order to gauge feelings about the Tour in the areas around the route.

The survey is aimed at ‘local’ businesses and individuals, with the results due to be analysed soon after the closing date of December 9. We understand these outcomes will be taken into consideration before any decision is made about the future of the Touro as a closed road event.

The survey is aimed at anyone in the communities and wider area who is impacted by the event – positively or negatively – and is available online by clicking the button below.

It has also been distributed in paper form to postcodes around the 2023 course route.

The main objective, as we understand it, is to get a clearer picture of how local people actually feel about the event so if you are a local resident and can contribute, please do make your feelings clear – it’s a hugely important step for the future of the event.

We’ll be back in touch with news – one way or another – as soon as we can, but you can be sure we’re going to do everything we can to keep Tour O The Borders alive and kicking!

Thanks for your support, and thanks to Scottish Borders Council for investing the resources required to conduct this survey and for taking the consideration of the event so seriously.

Kind regards,

The Touro Team



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