Touro Update: The Road Ahead

As the saying goes, we have some good news – and some not-so-good news. But happily, it’s mostly good news.

It’s been quite a journey, but we’ve now reached agreement on the future for Tour O The Borders. After much consideration of responses, and in recognition of the inconvenience experienced in some areas, we (the event organisers) have taken the decision not to run Tour O The Borders in 2024 – this will give the communities a break from the event (as requested in some responses). However LoveTouro powered by Cycle Law Scotland will still go ahead on June 16 this year as an open road sportive, and very much in the spirit of a smaller scale Touro event.

Now the properly good news! Tour O The Borders will return as a closed road event on Sunday 7 September 2025 (sign up here), and we will continue to work with the Council on this as a closed road event thereafter, subject to all necessary permissions and agreements. The importance of the event as a sports event and as a contributor to the local economy has been recognised and we’re delighted it now seems to have more support than ever.

So while there’s some disappointment this year, we hope you agree that a more secure long-term future for the event is worth it. The huge amount of work gathering and listening to views has been a vital part of this process, and we will continue to respect the voices of those who are inconvenienced by the Tour.

We’d like to thank Scottish Borders Council, the local communities involved and everyone who has provided input throughout this process.

It’s worth noting that the decision not to run the closed road event in 2024 was ultimately our own decision and was not mandated by any outside organisation. We hope all the riders will understand why we made this call and not be too disappointed – we’ll be back and more robust than ever in 2025. LoveTouro powered by Cycle Law Scotland will be a fantastic ride in June, so we’d encourage riders to support us this year with a good turn-out.

And it being Valentine’s Day, what better way to show Touro some love than signing up for LoveTouro! Entries for LoveTouro are available at and
Entries for Tour O The Borders 2025 will be available very soon – please sign up here for special early entry offers and more.

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