Dee’s story part 2 – “just keep the legs spinning…”

So. 9 Big Sleeps to go…and during the best summer we’ve had in Scotland in a while, I’ve managed to nail ‘no wetsuit’ swimming. Paddleboarding? Check. Dog walks? Covered. Teenagers fed, distributed, collected and fed again. And again.

But actual, 2 wheel, Touro training? Hmmm.

But it all counts towards general fitness prep, right?

It’s safe to say I’m lurching between ‘It’s only 50 miles – I can manage that’ and ‘It’s 50 miles! How the hell will I manage that?!’ But the voice of reason (and pals) keeps reminding me that this is not about the distance,  it’s about recalibrating my comfort zone. I’m doing this to ‘do it’, not race it, or smash it. I’ve already ‘won’ in that I’m no longer completely terrified of skinny tyres.

Except when it rains.


I’ve never really ‘trained’ for anything before and while I’m sure there’s a system, mine appears to be a bit of a busk, jammed into the small spaces left between work and family. Not ideal, but this is the reality for many. The girls have been keeping me going with chat, company and most importantly, support.

We’ve clocked up another couple of 20+ milers and a few short, sharp, shocks involving the Sware for a bit of Talla prep. Brutal head winds and hosing rain help keep things interesting, but also incredible views, hills swathed in purple heather, donkeys, and 2 young foals playing like puppies. The sights you see when you’re out on your bike.

While there is talk of giving Talla a shot next weekend – to see what all the chat is about – the plan from here is pretty much to keep doing more of the same – just keep the legs spinning…


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